natalie airhead guercio

i hate the new season of mob wives already. i can’t even remember the other one’s name because she’s so painfully boring to watch, and this resident airhead bimbette whose brain functions at 3 mph most likely due to drugs or alcohol is insanely full of herself. does anyone honestly think THIS is hot?!


those fucking crazy eyes say it all. no one cares about you being “frum soud philly.” i get so irritated every time this bimbo comes on the screen. NEXT.


3 responses to “natalie airhead guercio

  1. oh so not only is she an airhead, but she’s a trashy whore. what mother with a kid puts up naked pictures of her and her trash puerto-rican filipinO boyfriend (he’s not “philppine” you ignorant piece of white trash) practically having sex for her son to see? pennsylvania child services should take her son away she’s disgusting. piece of shit mothers like this shouldn’t be allowed to have kids.

  2. We’ll first off I agree she’s a nasty ass trashy whore!!!!! That’s nothing let’s mention that she pops pills all day it’s like how the fuck do you take care of your ten year old son,and yea cps have visited her a few times….but for your jaw to drop listen to her on YouTube my user name is geovott… Follow me on twitter @infinitiboyyy

  3. I can’t stand this bitch! She’s about as Italian as I am and I’m freaking Irish! She has no ties to the mob that aren’t paid in full and six feet under and she’s infiltrated a life she knows nothing about. She’s not only a pig, she’s a pig with delusions of being a stallion. She’s ruined the credibility of the show because the producers had to have known they were throwing a carp into a lake filled with tropical fish. Epic fail.

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